Armstrong Ultra Blend Wild Bird Seed Pail, 20 lb

by: Armstrong Milling

Armstrong Ultra Blend Wild Bird Seed is a gourmet combination of red and white millet, red milo, wheat, black oil sunflower seed, and peanut halves that will provide a high-energy source of food to a wide variety of beautiful birds. Your feeders will attract Nuthatches, Dark-eyed Juncos, Northern Cardinals, and many more! Armstrong Ultra Blend is compatible with window feeders, hopper style feeders, and tray style feeders. Bird feeders with large openings work best! 

Attracts: White-breasted Nuthatches, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Evening Grosbeaks, Black-capped Chickadees, Northern Cardinals, Dark-eyed Juncos, Northern Flickers, House Sparrows, American Tree Sparrows, Purple Finches

Key Benefits

  • Made without corn
  • Packaged in a barrier bag, sealed air tight and CO2 flushed to preserve optimal freshness
  • Made in Hagersville, Ontario
  • Armstrong Milling Co. Ltd. is proudly SQF Certified - the only bird food manufacturer in Canada to be so


White Millet, Red Milo, Wheat, Black Oil Sunflower, Red Millet, and Peanuts.


SKU: 100106450