Black Beauty Fall Magic Grass Seed, 7 lb

by: Jonathan Green

Black Beauty Fall Magic Grass Seed from Jonathan Green is a special combination of lush dark green turfgrasses that have been bred specifically to thrive in fall seeding conditions. Fall Magic Grass Seed performs best during the fall planting season of September - November. It can be grown in both sunny and shady areas and has excellent drought tolerance. Use this seed to repair summer disease and insect damage, for overseeding, or to plant a brand-new Autumn Lawn.

7 lb bag - Coverage:

  • 1,750 sq. ft. for new lawns
  • 3,500 sq. ft. for overseeding

Key Benefits

  • Uniform vertical growth habit
  • Lush dark green color
  • Drought tolerant
  • Contains a mixture of tall and fine fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial rye

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