Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer - 2,500 Square Feet

by: Milorganite

Homeowners and golf course professionals have trusted Milorganite's proven results for over 90 years. It will not burn, scorch or stripe your lawn - even in the hottest temperatures and driest conditions - because it contains no chemical salts. Plus, you don't need to water it in to activate! Milorganite is rich in iron to help give your plants that nice deep green color.

The slow-release formula provides nitrogen for up to 10 weeks without causing excessive top growth. This process also helps develop a strong root system. Milorganite stays in the root zone so there's no need to worry about groundwater or well contamination.

Key Features

  • Used for lawns, trees, shrubs, flower and vegetable gardens, seeding and sodding.
  • Covers up to 2,500 square feet
  • 6-4-0 NPK formula feeds for up to 10 weeks
  • Naturally formulated organic composition
  • Children and pet friendly
  • Great for sandy soils

SKU: 100066920