St. Gabriel Organics Holy Moley Mole Repellent, 10 lb - 5,000 Square Feet

by: St Gabriel Organics

Drive moles from your yard using two new scientific methods of activity. A special time release encapsulated aroma and an unusual go-getum taste that makes moles go wild after the first physical encounter. Has twice the active ingredients of other Mole controls. Guaranteed to reduce mole activity in treated areas. Contains no poisons. Safe for pets and children. Safe for the environment. Use with a drop spreader to cover as much area around mole activity and mole tunnels.


  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Twice the amount of active ingredient than other brands
  • Repels moles by two modes of action - scent and taste
  • Easy application to entire lawn with broadcast spreader
  • All natural ingredients safe for pets and the environment
  • Can also be applied to the top of soil in flower beds, mulch beds, and vegetable gardens

Active Ingredients: Caster oil 20%

Not for sale in AL, FL, LA and MS.


SKU: 100074606